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Urban Decay Stay Naked Correcting Concealer Review

by onlinebeautyfinds

Stay Naked is a new series of UD, including liquid foundation, concealer and transparent lip gloss.

Urban Decay’s new layer of Stay Naked Foundation with medium coverage and fuzzy pores can hide uneven pigmentation on my cheeks without covering up my freckles.

I like this formula very much, but I do think it needs to be fully prepared before use, which means that moisturizing and even plumping eye creams are great for creating a smooth canvas and a more blendable surface, allowing your concealer to adhere .

What I like very much about this formula is the coverage and breathability. Even if the foundation has medium to full coverage, it will not make the skin feel heavy. The matte formula will not sink into the pores, nor will it pull the extra points!

The uniqueness of this concealer is its patented wave tip applicator. Use the flat side for lightweight and precise application, and the curved side for higher coverage, especially under the eyes.

If you like matte foundation, I would say go! This is one of the best foundations I have tried so far!




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