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Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer Review

by onlinebeautyfinds

Today’s review will be conducted on Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer.

A whipped, creamy eyelash primer that prepares and bases the perfect mascara application.

Use Subversion Lash Primer to prepare eyelashes for perfect mascara application. The brush applies each eyelash from root to tip to make them thicker and longer-allowing you to create beautiful eyelashes that look like false eyelashes. This primer contains protective panthenol and conditioning vitamin E to strengthen eyelashes and is suitable for mass application.

The wand is very good, I actually like it better than the wand of Perversion mascara. It is flat on one side, with an hourglass shadow. I like to use the flatter side to apply the primer, but the curve of the thinner side helps to bend to the shape of my eyes.

The primer tube is made of light plastic, which feels a bit cheap. It is not as fancy as some other mascara primers, but it is not important because the actual product is good. The tube is simple and more basic than other Urban Decay packaging, but I like it.

The formula contains panthenol and conditioning vitamin E, which can maintain eyelash conditioning during wearing. I like how creamy and feathery this formula is.

It is very applicable and makes the eyelashes look very soft and feathery in a coat. The formula seems to just slip on each lash easily and does not make them look dry or flaky like most eyelash primers. It also has a small “lifting” effect.

Overall, I like it very much! And highly recommend it to you!




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