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Urban Decay Ud Pro Large Powder Brush Review

by onlinebeautyfinds

When a huge package arrives at my door, I don’t know what will happen-it is a huge package!

Just like a child on Christmas Day, I opened the box and saw these beautiful Urban Decay Pro Brushes in a glass container.

I like this brush because it is small enough to apply eyeshadow to small areas or fine lines, and it is very suitable for blending. The padded bristles make it feel very soft, but strong enough to do the job. The urban decay eyeshadow brush is amazing. If you take care of them and keep them clean, they will last for years. They made a lot of brushes.

The dense, soft synthetic bristles and round tip of the optical blur brush are absolutely a match made in heaven!

This is one of my favorite makeup brushes! I use this brush to apply my foundation and concealer on difficult areas such as the corners of my eyes. I will also apply your eyeshadow primer to this brush! Definitely recommend, this is a great multi-purpose brush!

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