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Urban Decay Vice Lip Chemistry Lasting Glassy Tint Review

by onlinebeautyfinds

When I first brushed URBAN DECAY COSMETICS Vice Lip Chemistry Lasting Glassy Tint, I really didn’t know what to think. I think what I am most looking forward to is the gloss, I got the gloss.

Feel comfortable-Vice Lip Chemistry is our vegan, high-gloss lip gloss that responds to your pH and creates a unique custom hue for your skin tone. Its light lip balm-like texture injects moisture into your lips, leaving them feeling moisturized.

They feel very comfortable on the lips and provide a light tint that complements each person’s unique hue. The packaging is luxurious and I like the doe foot applicator. The lip color glides instantly, leaving lips feeling soft all day long. The lip color is not sticky at all and does not transfer.

It started as a kind of gloss, and when it disappears, it will leave stains. It claims to be dyed uniquely based on your own tone. They say this is due to your pH, but I bet it also depends on the natural tone of your lips. So everyone’s final color will be slightly different from their friends. Advantages-super comfortable!

I like it very much! Recommend it to you!




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